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Looking Good Again

Useful Information About A Cracked Home Foundation

by Ella Curtis

Homes should be built on a foundation that is in good shape and has the ability to support the weight of it, such as the walls, roof, and everything else that contributes to the weight. Unfortunately, even if a foundation is perfect when a home is first constructed, it can develop problems many years down the line.

Due to a foundation having such an important job, prompt repairs should be made by a professional when problems arise. A house can completely collapse if a foundation is allowed to remain in bad shape and it continuously deteriorates. If you don't know if your foundation is in bad shape and needs attention, the information below will give you some direction.

Cracks in a Home Foundation

If you have noticed cracks in your home foundation, they should be seen as a serious problem and promptly repaired no matter how small they may be. The cracks can have an impact on the weight load that a foundation is able to carry. Cracks also have the ability to get bigger, which can possibly lead to your home becoming structurally unsafe. Cracks are also a serious problem because if they fill with with water and freeze, the ice can push the cracks further apart and make them worse. Water can basically get into foundation cracks if the soil beneath it becomes saturated with rainwater or if plumbing fixtures overflow and fill the cracks up.

Signs of Structural Problems

When a cracked foundation begins to have an impact on the structural integrity of your house, you will begin to notices several changes. For example, one problem that cracks can cause is an uneven foundation, which can cause walls to begin detaching from the roof. You might notice that the section of walls connected to the ceilings in your house are developing cracks. A common problem that homeowners experience when this happens is more difficulty opening doors and windows. When the problem is severe, walls will begin to lean and can even collapse.

Repairs That May Be Necessary

Depending on the size of the cracks and the extent of damage to the structure of your house, a professional may be able to fill the cracks in with no other work necessary. However, if your walls are uneven, other repair techniques along with filling in the cracks might be necessary to safely lift them up to the proper level. Slabjacking is one of the techniques that is sometimes used, but it will depend on the overall condition of your house and which contractor is hired.

For more information on cracked foundation repair, contact a local contractor.