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Looking Good Again

Stone Tile Roofing Benefits

by Ella Curtis

For a homeowner that is needing to make a decision about the type of roof that they are wanting to install, tile can be one of the better options. This is due to the numerous advantages that tile roofing systems will have over shingle or wood shake roofing systems.

Noise Reduction

The tiles that are used in this type of roofing will be thick and extremely dense. This can make them durable, but it can also make them excellent at reducing the amount of noise that is able to pass through the roof. Individuals living near busy roads or other areas that can get loud may find that tile roofing can significantly improve the quality of life in the home as the roof can be one of the areas that is the most prone to allowing soundwaves into the house.

Highly Affordable

Homeowners will often assume that a tile roofing system will be too expensive for them to afford. However, the tiles that are used in these roofing systems can be extremely affordable. While there are some tiles that are made of highly expensive stone, there are others that are crafted from concrete or composite materials. In addition to being less expensive, these tiles can also be made to resemble natural materials. This will give you the ability to enjoy tile without having to overpay or endure an unattractive roof. Prior to making your decision as to the type of tile to install, most providers can send you samples that will allow you to see the color and texture of these tiles in person.

Resistant To Pests

Pests can be one of the leading causes of serious roof damage. Wood shake roofs can be vulnerable to termites, carpenter bees, and other pests. While homeowners may assume that asphalt shingle roofs will not be vulnerable to pests, this is also far from the case. For example, ants can break down these shingles and use the granules from the in the construction of their nests. In contrast, stone tile will essentially be free of this risk. The stone will be too hard for the pests to damage.

Stone tiles can be the perfect type of roofing for your home, but you may not realize this if you have failed to give this type of roofing the consideration that it deserves. After learning about the noise-reducing qualities of these roofing systems, their affordability, and the fact that they are highly resistant to pests, you will be more informed about the strengths of tile roofing.

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