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Looking Good Again

A Quick Guide To Choosing Commercial Roofing Systems For Your Business

by Ella Curtis

If you are a small business owner, then the upkeep of your property is important. Part of the upkeep includes having a new roof installed when it is needed. Commercial roofing systems come in many different forms, and you want to choose the right solutions for the needs of your business. The following commercial roofing guide aims to help you make these decisions when you need a new roof:

Basic Commercial Roofs

First, you want to consider the basic types of commercial roofing materials that are available to install on your property. These might be materials like commercial roofing membranes, asphalt shingles, and built-up roofing systems. If your property doesn't have any special energy needs for things like refrigerated storage, these might be the best solutions. These basic commercial roofing materials are affordable and can be used to replace old, worn roofs.

Energy Needs of Commercial Roofs

The energy needs of commercial roofs are also important factors to consider when choosing the right system for your business. For example, in areas with hotter weather, you may want to install a membrane cool roof system that reflects solar heat. If you have large refrigerated storage space, you may want to use a spray roof solution that has a layer of foam insulation to prevent thermal transfer. These roofing systems help to make older building designs more efficient and durable.

Roof Designs for Improved Durability

The durability of a commercial roof is also important. There are several options to consider to give your property a more durable commercial roof.  First, built-up roofing systems are built up in layers to provide a more durable roof design. There are also options for modern green roof systems that have layers of drainage, soils, and plants. These roofing systems are heavier, but they are more durable and efficient than more traditional options.

Roofing for Storefronts and Architectural Details

When you are installing a new commercial roof, there may be areas that need roofing beyond the main roof body. Often, there are architectural features and areas like storefronts that need different types of roofing. These areas are often areas where materials like metal or conventional asphalt shingles work better for aesthetics. Standing seam metal roofing will add durable, attractive roof details to these areas of your building.

The roof of your business will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. When it does, contact a commercial roofing service to discuss these solutions for the needs of your business.